Funky Little Ford Site

OK so my partner has been searching for a new car and she’s fallen under the spell of the new Ford KA, so we’ve been searching online for good ford ka

Obviously there’s a lot of comparison sites and dealers offering good deals out there and according to the dealers I’ve spoken to during the hunt – it’s a very popular car.  So if, like me, you’re after finding information and a decent deal on new Ford’s, not necessarily just the little ones, I’d recommend this one. 

They’ve got plent of dealerships too so we’re off to enjoy a testdrive. Well, I imagine I’ll be sat in the showroom while she takes it for a spin. I still like a bit more car under me and don’t fancy the back-seat test drive experience. I’ll just take a look at the other cars and enjoy some complimentary coffee and donuts (I hope :D).

However, in keeping with the theme of this blog: I found this site for Birchwood  and thought I’d share it as I’m sure other people are after a decent deal on their motor, their staff seem friendly on the phone and it’s a really easy and funky little site, just straight in for the deals.


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