How to ruin a cracking little car?

There’s a cliche-ridden film from 1990 called The Rookie where, confronted by a flouorescent green sports car, Charlie Sheen’s character says “Wanna know what’s a crime? Whoever defaced that work of art by painting it that color… ought to have his ass removed.” Surely the same should be applied to this:

new fiat 500

This is surely a lesson in how to turn a quirky and funky little car into something very few people would be happily seen in. Fiat have taken the new 500 and turned it into something like a pink nightmare to celebrate the Barbie doll’s 50th birthday. 

It’ll be more than just a horrific colour scheme for owners of this ‘car.’ The special edition of the Fiat 500 will have crystal-encrusted hubcaps, window mouldings and antenna, a Barbie ‘autograph’ (though God knows where or why) and outlines of the doll on the pillars.

Let’s see if they sell more than 50 of the cars.


2 responses to “How to ruin a cracking little car?

  1. Sounds pretty blingy with the hubcaps and crystals.

  2. I would buy it… but I’m a girl you know XD

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