How to improve a cracking little car?

Ok, following on from my pink-bashing of the Barbie 500 I found this and thought I’d share to see what the general opinion is:

new fiat 500 convertible

Now, I did like the 500 when it rolled out though I probably wouldn’t own one (just not comfy drivin the little ones). I know that this is a little Italian car but the more I look at it the more I see the old Morris Minor convertibles and can’t stop thinking of old-fashioned Brithish countryside and summer picnics.

Well, either way it’ll be out in time for the sunshine. Fiat have said that the new 500 will be at your local dealer without its top on across Europe this spring which, judging by the sunshine and blue sky outside, isn’t that far off. 

What do you think, better with the top off?


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