Getting Conceptual

While everyone is still gawping at the latest concepts unveiled at this year’s Geneva motor show, I found this funky thing that hit the stands at the Detroit show earlier in the year: 

new kia soulster

This is (or could very will be) the new Kia Soul’ster that is now gone from concept to being strongly tipped for production. 

It’s a real strange looking thing; part SUV, part convertible, part pick-up, completey unreal. I can’t work out why I like it, I think it’s because it looks so much like something I would’ve enjoyed playing with as a toy in my youth while also looking like something from a film set in the near-future. 

While the rumours are hinting at it hitting production in the States I really hop it hits the roads in Europe as it would could be the first new Kia that I’d love to take a spin in! Though what’s with the constant daft names…

What do you think: make it or take it back to the drawing board?


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