Cracking little site for your bobby dazzlers

online jewelleryAnyone would think I’ve been watching that perma-tanned antique fool with the day-glo teeth. I have however found something useful that I’m inclined, of course, to share. 

I guess you could call me lazy because of it, but I really don’t like high-street shopping. I know, I know I’m killing the economy but my town ain’t too pretty at weekends. That and I really like the ease and convenience of online shopping. Until recently I’ve been extremely hesitant when it comes to buying jewellery online but I’ve found a site that gives a good lot of images and the all important free delivery, and they’re trustworthy. 

Accordingly, I’m sharing it, as I know that a lot of people also look hard for a good jewellery store online and as I’ve had a positive experience – loving my new watch – check em out: Moores Jewellery. I’ve been in their actual store too last time I was in Essex which is probably why the name came into my head while searching.

If anyone’s got any other reccomendations for online jewellery shops I’d love to hear them…


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