A Lesson In Lack Of French Style

I found this online this morning and found it hilarious, for all the wrong reasons:

This is a “sneak preview” of the utterly staged kind for Renault’s new ad campaign where they’re intent on ressurecting Eric Cantona over here.  It’s in keeping with the footballers attempts to launch himself as an actor on the continent but as for selling the new Renault Laguna?  

I know Renault are trying to get across the whole romantic associations of the French connection but this really is the worst choice of car salesman since Vauxhall got that bald ref. Why do I care what Cantona thinks of the Laguna? He seems devoid of grace and (at 00:18) looks like a stoner fascinated by the size of his fingers. 

Oops, back to the drawing board.


One response to “A Lesson In Lack Of French Style

  1. I can’t believe my father had a Renault in the early 1960s! What was he thinking?

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