There Can Be Only One… Driver

Following a semi-argument over whether it was believable that the people in their new advert were really Seat employees I decided to go a hunting for the ad online but found this instead, which I think is better:

It’s the advert for the new Seat Ibiza special edition and is another of their “real Seat people” type ad. Though I’d be more curious to see if real Toyota drivers (or any other manufacturer) would be so enthusiastic to run to a car if it wasn’t produced by the same people as their paycheck.

I’m curious as to what this burgeoning trend to have representatives of the company and real employees in the ad is all about. I’m sure it can probalby be traced back to Lee Iacocca and the old Chrysler TV spots, now those I can understand – the company was drowning fast – but why do I need to see B&Q staff singing the praises of their products or Seat employees running to get in a new Ibiza… of course they’re going to say they like it so what really is the purpose of using “real Seat racing drivers?”


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