Caught! Undercover Mazda

Mazda are looking to move in on the super-mini car demographic and, having teased the motoring world with the Kiyora concept at Paris last year, this was found out and about for testing:


Undercover Mazda1

Undercover Mazda1



It’s still expected to be nearly 2 years before the new Mazda – presumably the Mazda12- is to hit the roads but, under all that oh-so-attractive masking, it looks like funky enough and is rumoured to come with Mazda’s SIIS (Smart Idle Stop System) that shuts down and restarts the engine instead of idling. Kinda like the new Fiat 50o‘s Start&Stop system. 

Mazda haven’t given much more away, just that they’re aiming for the high-end of fuel economy and emissions of less than 90g/km. Lets hope they’re as far along with that as the phot suggests they are with the styling because this looks ready.


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