Playing Games The Clean Way?

There’s a shop in a local city that is dedicated to selling soap, only you wouldn’t know that from the look of the place, or the soaps. They’re arranged like a cheese-mongers, sliced and sold like blocks of cheese – there’s some in bar form too but most of it’s like cheese.

If it wasn’t for the smell of it you wouldn’t know it was soap and on the few occasions I’ve been past, and the odd one or two that I’ve been in, I’ve left feeling hungry.

Why must we shape soap like it’s anything else? Is washing really that hard to do that it needs to be made fun. Take this one I found, soap shaped like PS3 accessories, these ones are controllers – clearly:

ps3 accessories

There’s a whole range of them too, across the consoles. Is the idea that gamers are so addicted to their consoles now that theonly way they’d wash is if it’s presented as a game? What’s next: Xbox headphones that dispense shampoo? These would probably make a nice little gift for a younger family member though.

The worrying thing is that I think the purple one on the left looks kinda funky, but I’d still rather have it as a controller than a soap.


2 responses to “Playing Games The Clean Way?

  1. There’s no red! 😦
    I guess I’d go for the second from the back on the left. Although as far as soap goes, it’s not very ergonomic xD

    • founditsharedit

      Ha ha, yeah I don’t suppose they’d thought of that! Soap comes in bars cos they’re easier to use, imagine how bad this’d feel to wash with

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