Oooh, Another Odd Concept

I think I’ve found another purpose to concept cars. Go to a motor show today and it’s all talk of economy, ‘green’ cars, the recession and low-resistance tyres. It can be a bit heavy given the turmoil that the motor trade is now in. That’s why we need concept cars! They’re a laugh! How cars could be designed and named if we were drunk.

This one, I found, is a great example:

nissan qazana

This is the new Nissan concept car shown at this year’s Geneva motor show. It’s the concept for what they refer to as their “mini SUV” vehicle – just what the market needs, right? It may have a frankly amazing looking interior and door set up but the exterior shell makes me think of one of my old matchbox cars after it’d been crushed slightly when left on the drive. Thing is… it’s pretty great looking at the sametime. Somehow. 

The best part? Nissan have given this another cracking name (after the sensibilty of the Cube and the Qashqai), this is the Qazana. I couldn’t offer a guide on the correct pronounciation. 

That being said, there’s rumours that a fair bit of this car will make it into production – which could mean an awesome looking car in some elements and a Nissan I’d quite fancy. But then they say that about most concepts too. 

Still, it did provide some light entertainment.


2 responses to “Oooh, Another Odd Concept

  1. Why does it seem like all concept vehicles have suicide doors?

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