New Alfa Out In The Snow

If there’s two things I like it’s spy-shots of cars and Alfa Romeos. So imagine my delight when I found this on the net: 

alfa romeo milano alfa romeo milano

It’s the soon-to-be-launched, new Alfa Romeo Milano on a break from testing in Europe during the winter. Now the light and the black finish (not to mention the wheels) don’t do much for it but imagine this in silver or that luscious red they do and I think they’ve got another winner on their hands. 

Plus, if the dial with Fiat and Chrysler gets sorted and through, this could very well be the first new Alfa Romeo that hits the roads Stateside too. 

It’ll be replacing the 147 over here in Europe in late 2009 and, fingers crossed for Fiat, will head over to American dealers for sometime in 2011. Will that be time enough for America to embrace the smaller car?


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