Punky, Funky, Sporty MiTo

I should write advertising copy. Or I should wait until the new Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA is finally availablejudging by the evidence of this:

new alfa mito

This is Alfa Romeo’s concept, the MiTo Veloce  that’s currently sitting on their display at the AutoRAI show over in Amsterdam. The styling changes aren’t all that obvious but with the fetching white stripe and alloys this little motor looks poised for a sprinting-start.

It’s very rare that I see a small car I’d like to rip the motorways up with but this is one. In theory this would fit somewhere between the current base model and the upcoming 240-hp (I know!!) new Alfa Romeo MiTo GTA. They’ve given it a 1.4 litre engine with a nice fat turbo-charger that gets it to 62mph in a little over 7 seconds and given it a different suspension.


One response to “Punky, Funky, Sporty MiTo

  1. Definitely one of my favourite articles

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