The Most Stylish Hairdryer EVER?

To paraphrase a great song: summer’s here and the time is right to go racing in a gorgeous Italian convertible. 

Well, almost. Spring is here and even the hint of sunlight we’ve been getting enough is stir the blood and give birth to thoughts of full on summer sun. What better way to enjoy it than out in a convertible, tearing up some rural Italian roads? 

Maybe not something like that but if there’s one car I’d want to do it in it’d be this so it’s only right to share it:

alfa romeo 8c spider

It’s the new Alfa Romeo 8C Spider. I didn’t think it was possible to love the 8C more but then they’ve never been less-than-gifted with the hacksaw at Alfa.

To my eyes it’s what would happen if late-90’s Corvettes mated with Porsches and borders on heaven. Pacing from 0-100km/h in under 5 seconds and topping out at 290km/h I don’t think it’ll be long before these are all sold-out like their hard-topped sister. Probably before I’ve managed to save enough pennies but I’m allowed to dream while the sun is shining. 


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