The Car That Stops Itself?

This is something I found that I still can’t quite decide whether it’s a good thing or a bad thing;

This is an exlpanation of how the new Volvo XC60 “stops itself.” Now, there’s a lot more amusing vids on the ‘net of peoples reactions when they’re in the thing and it stops for them, but I can’t help wondering: isn’t this encouraging laziness?

“Why bother putting my foot anywhere near the brake, the car will stop itself.” And what happens when they get in another car that doesn’t and, out of habit, go straight into another car because theirs didn’t stop itself?

There’s a lot of technology out there whose initial aim ends up encouraging laziness – I’ve seen people literally lost without their GPS as if rendered unable to read maps or roadsigns – but this is potentially the most dangerous.


One response to “The Car That Stops Itself?

  1. I agree, I can appreciate the advanced technology in vehicles like parking assistance and headlights that move along with the vehicle. But this right here is worst than cruise control. It will only encourage drivers to pay attention to other things like cell phones, reading material, etc., instead of paying attention to the road.

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