Greatest Product Alignment Ever

Once again I find myself at the point of needing to hunt for furniture. This time I’ve for outgrown my cd racks and albums are piling up in my apartment left, right and centre and the half-dozen or so cd racks I’ve got are far too small.

So, because I don’t want to throw them away and relish the organisation of them that’ll follow,  I decided to do some searching for some serious CD storage solutions. 

I found two things, the first made me laugh, the second was just wow. Let’s go with the funny first. Now, if I worked in a music shop I’d spend hours and not manage something this funny:

rack aligns

I’m sure Yanni would be as chuffed with that rack alignment – every pun intended – as he looks with his David Seaman hair.  

The second thing I found was this:

cd storage

This, to me, is amazing. I need some kinda cd storage that’ll take a butt load of cds but not look like just a load of shelves against the wall. 

I have a monster cd collection – though not as big as I want it to be and not as big as some serious addicts – so if anyone has some suggestions that don’t involve ‘novelty’ racks with aliens on the side I’d love to hear em…


One response to “Greatest Product Alignment Ever

  1. Hi,

    I’ve got the same problem, a shitload of cd’s but I can’t seem to find something nice to store them… Anyone got an idea where i can order something like the second rack?
    Plz let me know…

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