Now THAT’S Museum Worthy

I’ve visited a ridiculous amount of museums in my time but  I recently found this exhibit that seems to sum up so many things to me and I defy anyone who says it’s not of any relevance:

museum exhibit

Now while I’m sure that the Xbox and PS3s of the world certainly represent evolutions in technology, for me it was the SNES that made the mark. Coming out when I was 11 and going on to shift nearly 50 million units – this really was the arrival of the games console for many people.

Forget your added blue-ray players and online gaming, 16 bits and your best mate was the height of social gaming and this was the king.


2 responses to “Now THAT’S Museum Worthy

  1. Hehe that picture is crazy…

    All the mega drive tho – cha mone!

  2. LOL, so classic, nice pics

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