Strangest Pic EVER?!

You know how you see a pic that just beggars belief? Esepcially when you don’t know the story behind it? Add this to the list:



Office conversation: “The horse looks terrified!” “Well so would you if a bear was riding you”

A bear riding a horse, that’s all I know of it.


28 responses to “Strangest Pic EVER?!

  1. That is even better than the monkey riding the bicycle!

    I’m assuming his career as a jockey will be over in a matter of days.

  2. In my day the horses rode the bears. This is just wrong.

  3. Dvris Extant

    All I see is harmless animal experimentation, especially of cross-breeding done willingly. Or am I wrong?

  4. This is probably some fucked up idea of entertainment >:# Yeahh the horse looks terrified, and im sure the poor bear is shittin itself too. This image shouldn’t b classed as humour, and if anyone laughs at this it just goes to show what heartless fuckwits they r

  5. How cruel. Can’t you see the cord coming from the bear’s nose? The poor animal is tied to the pony’s reins by its nostrils, so that if it should fall, the cord would tear through the flesh. I think whoever took this photo should think twice before posting such a disturbing image on the net.

  6. That’s a bit harsh. Let’s be reasonable here, that horse is terrified, so is the bear, and also the point yayayayayayayayayaayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayayaayayayayayayayayayayaayayayayayayayaayayayayayayayayayayayaayayayayayayayayayaayay made about the cord in the bar’s nostrils is good, too.

  7. This is possibly the second worst entertainment in the world I have seen pictured. I mean lets start with the bear. He’s crouched and open mouthed and the ears too, it all says scared. Apparently the poor thing is toothless too so take another look, how painful would that have been. He has a ring through his nose which is then tied to the ponies reins. Yes this is painful, its meant to be to control through the injuries struggling causes. Does that really make it right to injure him?

    OK now the horse. He looks like he’s going into a buck which is no surprise, he has a big heavy PREDATOR on his back and he can’t quite see it properly. See that swishing tail? That’s ‘I really really don’t like this’ in horse language. On top of that the tack is all wrong.

    The ‘numnah’ is canvas, something that creates sores. The girth is far too tight. The reins are too tight and clearly pulling his mouth. The noseband is too big. And best of all they put the tack on a dirty horse, the worst aggravation of them all. I really don’t think I can blame him for bucking at all.

  8. it’s true what yayaya said about the code coming from the bear’s nose.those are called dancing bears.they are used for entertainment purposes.and the process is very painful.the trainers remove the teeth,nails and insert a hot metal through the bear’s nose to make a hole and insert the rope to control the bear.i cant imagine if this bear falls down how much pain it will go through.i don’t think i have to explain.using bears for entertainment purposes is banned in many countries.but some sickos still do it.this is not a picture we should look and laugh’s so cruel how people misuse the animals for their goodwill.people have no right to use animals like this.

  9. Woah…This is just terrible…

  10. Some people can be so cruel. How can anyone do something so terrible? Makes me sick to my stomach to know there are people who will abuse and misuse innocent creatures for their sick demented enjoyment. Very disgusting!!

  11. This is terrible cruelty. It actually makes me feel sick to think that humans…animals set apart from the rest because of our compassion and intelligence could do something like this, and treat other helpless creatures in this way. We prize ourselves on the fact that we are intelligent beings who have feelings and the ability to talk and therefore share exact thoughts. If we behave like this we are no better than animals…in fact we are worse, as animals would not do this.

  12. you are the most evil people in the world for doing that to the horse so evil i’m reporting it if you do not treat the horse with respect

    • founditsharedit

      Report who to whom? Nobody here personally did it

      • Adolf bear :D

        Exuse me? I think I should at least take SOME credit for my work. Do you know how long it took to find a bear and a horse *willing* to do this?

  13. This is absolutly Horible. Poor Pony. Who ever did this should be punished

  14. if thats not animal crulty id hate to see what is!

  15. This makes me sick. Anyone who would get any source of amusement by this is fucked in the head. The poor horse is terrified and the bear is attached to it with a hook in the nose.. disgusting! People are sick.

  16. uh thats torcher for the poor animal. horses have a flight resoponce

  17. kayla with horses

    thats crule and how would someone do that, people re dumb theses days flight responce!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. I don’t think the horse is more scared with a bear than with a human or with a dog (we’re predators too, remember?) in the same circumstance. That is if the horse has been introduced to this task in a good way. But the tack and everything looks like there is good chances it’s not fitted to the pony, and that the pony isn’t treated with the concideration necessary to make this act acceptable.
    The bear is however what I feel more sorry for, the cord, being strapped onto a ”wild” horse, teeth etc.. how many times did it fall off before it learnt that that will hurt in the nose?

  19. Monika Stoffers

    Disgusting picture! The one who took this picture should be pierced through his nose and cheeks and driven around town while I make some nice pictures of him to publish on the web.

  20. To the idiots posting about how awful this picture is:

    Get some sense of perspective; think about the true evils of this world.

  21. This is just disgusting the way people treathed animals.
    we need to do something about it.. only it is easy to say..
    Really no one really care for this gift from god.
    Animals were made for company and not for beating them or hurt them in any other way.

  22. that is just sick sick sick how can those people watch that is not funny at all it is just sick some one should be arrested or punished animals are not are salves there are companions and for people who can not understand that they should not be aloud to have any animals.

  23. See the chain through the bear’s snout? that’s not a there as a fashion statement. If this bear falls off it will have it’s face ripped off. Images like this disgust me me to the core and anyone who can not see the horridness of this is indeed themselves a shallow, horrible, soul less human being.

  24. Ha! I think that how is having quite the time, but the bear looks a but scared! Is the Fababella gunna’ jump!? Ha! I must say, that bear must be hanging on for his life, all he got is a platform!

    If I’m right, which, you know, I am just about always [not], that that little horse is bucking! Hold on bear, your in for a beary’ adbearncerest ride!! 😛


  25. i have never seen this before and i am a horse back rider.

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