No Arguing With Public Perceptions

After much nagging by my friends to do so, I finally tracked down and watched a particular episode of South Park.

Given how hard it is to locate such clips on youtube – at least without having some dodgy music mapped on top for copywrite sake I had to search long and hard for this:

I’ve never played World of Warcraft (though was addicted to Fable for ages) or many PC games. I played loads of the old Sim City 2000 but now I stick to the odd Facebook Scramble..

However, given the usual on-the-button nature of the SP makers’ social commentary, is this the public perception of the hardcore pc gamers?

I know for sure that when I hear talk of specialist keyboards for pc gaming I do think of the… rotund guy in this one, especially when they give them names like Razer Lycosa, The Recluser or… Tarantula. Not that appropriate a selection of names.


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