Horses: Can Be Extremely Dumb

You know, the great thing about wordpress is that it lets you know how people are coming to your blog. While I can’t explain “mr happy penis” or how it sends people to my blog, I understand the “horse” one sending traffic to my strange pic of a bear riding a horse.

But “horse” isn’t exactly a low-volume search term so I searched that term and couldn’t see my blog anywhere, but I did find this, and thought I’d share it for general amusement and the lesson that horses aren’t as smart as some people give them credit for:


Don’t worry, the young filly was cut free and not injured beyond a couple of scratches. A neighbour heard her whinnying and came and cut the trunk apart around her – though had the good humour and decency to take thiese photos first. 

What made me laugh was that the article in which this was found (from the Telegraph) stated that “it remains unclear why Gracie put her head into the gap.” I think, without Mr Ed to offer a translation to counteract, we’ll just have to go with “because horses are pretty dumb.”


50 responses to “Horses: Can Be Extremely Dumb

  1. I see nothing humorous about that.
    maybe you should search the facts more you idiot, before you speak or type. and the reason why that filly got stuck in the tree like that was because of abuse or anything close or related to that.
    One more thing: Get a freaking life

    • founditsharedit

      Ah yes, the path and opinion of the morally righteous. I do beg your apologies for my lack of life and finding humour in this. Of course, the fact that I had researched this story before I both typed and opened my mouth to see that the horse had been given a clean bill of health (aside from a dislocated jaw from the tree) has nothing to do with it. Obviously you know better than me that horses are not curious at all and only put their heads in trees when they’re abused.

  2. Ever occur to anyone that horses are just plain stupid? If they aren’t bug eyed because you’re trying to teach the idiots something they’re eating, slurping, sh***ing a lake and peeing a river. Or farting.

    • horses arent ‘just plain stupid’ because if they were they wouldnt be able to be taught to be ridden or how to do tricks. and the horse looks healthy so its obviously not abuse, she was probably curious or got spooked. When they got scared they do get kinda dumb. ive been round horses 10yrs now so i kinda know some stuff. . .

  3. Thats how I leave my horses when I go out to the shops

  4. founditsharedit

    Shocking. I hope you at least leave a bowl of water in the tree

  5. cristene your right all the way and so is cant tell you exept for the abuse. all the other ppl here are just big fat idiots. they think horse abuse is funny just becus the dont like them. how would you like it if somebody found a pic of you stuck in a tree and posted it on the internet and ppl said you where a stuped creature! tell me that hmm

  6. Jess, I’d like to thank you for your kind summary of me as a “big fat idiot”. If somebody found a picture of me stuck in anything I’d welcome seeing it online, especially if it were a tree.
    At no point has it been shown that the horse was in the tree as a result of abuse. If “canttellyou” can verify such claims the picture will be removed.
    I actually do like horses and would never condone or find amusement in any kind of abuse. For the record; stupid is spelt with an i, not an e.

  7. Haha, what sort of a c**t spells Stupid wrong.

  8. Ok, I love horses and have loved them all my life. I’ve also owned a horse and enjoyed riding horses very several years. I hate animal cruelty in any form.

    Saying that, I think that whoever jumped to the conclusion that the horse had it’s head stuck in a tree due to animal cruelty has very little understanding of animal behavior. I’m sure it wasn’t funny to the horse, who was undoubtedly very happy to get unstuck, but going as far as to say that this animal..who looks very healthy..what I can see of it… has been abused and thus either sticks it’s head in a tree or their abusive owner stuck it’s head in a tree…now THAT’S laughable.

    As stated before, the horse could have gotten spooked. Also, considering how they like to nose around for anything they think might be yummy, she could have gotten a bit too curious to find out what smelled so good. I’ve see kids do similar things…yet I have yet to hear someone yell about a child who sticks his or her head in a tight spot obviously being a victim of some sort of abuse.

    After noting the glossy coat and well kept and shining mane, I have little doubt this horse has been well cared for. Horses under stress, actually many animals under stress will often get a lusterlous coat and may have issues with hair falling out.

    I’m going to refrain from the name-calling and other childish antics, as I would hope some others here are developed enough mentally to understand what I’m saying without resorting to the mindset of a preschooler.

  9. m8t that is fuked up u r sick in the head to be showing this.
    Y do it and let people c it lik me how is an animal lover and have horses them selfs lik me u fukint twat.

  10. Godslapdog that is just a horrible thing to say about somebody, jess has a good point i agree with what she is saying. And everybody horses are curious dogs other animals all including people are curious and sometimes get stuck. I remember a very silly time when i got stuck in between some bars and i couldn’t get out by myself i needed help ever try to get out of a realy tight sweater? By the way sometimes very often i have misspells on the computer and i don’t go back over my typing to make sure it’s all spelt correctly and i press enter and it’s misspelled so don’t call people names it’s not right.

    • Hi Samantha, I completely agree that what I said about Jess was horrible. It was intentionally horrible, I hate idiots.

      While on that subject, can you please explain this sentence to me: “And everybody horses are curious dogs other animals all including people are curious and sometimes get stuck.” I could just about decipher the retarded drivel in the rest of the post, but that part really had me stumped! Many thanks for your help in this matter 🙂

  11. im not seeing y people are saying its a sign of abuse. horses are very curious animals.from what the pic shows and from what i have read i just looks like she found something that smells good inside of the hole. i have seen some horses try to get into tiny holes in trees just because there was something there they want.

  12. Whoa, whoa, whoa! Why do people always have to get so pissy with each other? Opinion is opinion, but resorting to childish behaviour gets you nowhere honestly.

    As being an animal lover, and having horses all my life, I do not find this posting horrible. It is humerous. Animals, and people, do a lot of stupid things. However, saying that “horses are pretty dumb” is out of line. They are known to be in the top ten of the worlds smartest animals. I believe they found themselves at number ten though, haha.

    When the poster said she was a filly, that means she must have been younger than 4 since a 5 year old is considered a mare, fully grown and ‘adult’. So it’s like a young baby person–they do stupid things!

    Stop calling people names. Stop telling people they’re horrible for what they find amusing.

    I find this quite funny, because I honestly just do not understand what that filly thought was so interesting, and how she ended up sitting down only to trap her jaw in the slim crack of the tree. And oh my dear lord, is that her right foreleg INSIDE of the tree as well?!

    I’m owner to a beautiful young filly myself, who is out on free-range. I can’t tell you how many perdiciments she’s gotten herself into. But she’s the smartest horse I’ve ever rescued! When I fist worked with her, she wanted to go over backwards from the bit. Now she’s doing serpentines at a trot while I ground drive her. She’s doing more complicated work, and at an even faster rate, than other horses I’ve trained.
    Colts tend to be more adventurous than fillies, proven to “mature” mentally and physically a year or two slower than fillies do.

    And as for her being abused/neglected. Really? Living creatures of all kinds do things like this without the excuse of abuse. It’s just a young creature’s exploring antics. It happens. Don’t just chalk it up to them being abused though–this horse has a fine, lusterous coat, good legs, hocks, and hooves. She has a great top line as well; if anything she’s a little too plump!

    She wasn’t abused, she didn’t get too badly harmed in this act. This is funny. And so, this is how “America’s funniest animal videos” was created. I honestly think this should go on it!

    To the contarary, I don’t think it was wise to call the horse “dumb”. It was just one adventure gone wrong. Human children do the same kind of stuff that you look at and go, “What the h**l?!” and “How in the world?”

    I needed a good laugh 🙂 And bravo for doing your homework before you said anything.

    • Hi Chelsey,

      I couldn’t help but feel compelled to respond to your post. I completely agree with you that you shouldn’t be horrible to people for what they find amusing.

      However, I am quite concerned about your abuse of animals under your care. You quite clearly state that you ‘fist worked’ with a filly you rescued. Did you rescue her with the sole purpose of anally probing her? If so you are a sexual deviant of the worst caliber. No wonder she wanted to ‘go over backwards from the bit.’

      On the plus side though, I guess we can test the hypothesis of ‘An abused horse will stick their head into random holes as a result of their horrendous upbringing’. What are your feelings on us using you as a case study?

      Thanks for your time!

  13. Chelsey, you took the words right out of the horse’s mouth… er… my mouth. As a future vet in vet school, (and as a horse lover/ jr. horse chiropractor) I think I know a thing or two as well. I do not condone the swearing and name calling, but I cannot understand canttellyou’s logic… “I’m being abused. I think I’ll go stick my head in a tree.” That would be stupid… just stay stuck there so the owner can beat you more? Horses are smarter than that, which brings me to my next topic… HORSES ARE SMART. It is the people who say the opposite that are stupid. Yes, I’m pointing fingers. (Incase you weren’t smart enough to figure that out, either:))


    • You’re only 10 and you’ve seen horses get slaughtered? You have no idea how jealous I am of you right now. I’ve waited my whole life to see such a spectacle, but instead I’m resigned to mere imaginings in my own head.

      Do you think you could provide me any links to these 100’s of funny videos of animals getting abused and killed starved to death? I’ve run out of decent material to masturbate to. In return for these, I will happily explain to you the proper use of the Caps Lock key and what ‘punctuation’ means.

      • you are a sick sick sick person i cant believe you would post any of the things you have on the internet. 😡

      • Adolf bear :D

        You sir, are quite franky a genius. I realy laugh out loud (lol) at posts but this one was to good. Please come up with more abuse for ten year olds in the near future – love you man.

  15. what people say about horses being dumb is not true they are very smart but can be stubburn and curious but animal abbuse is not funny as long as the animal wasn’t hurt no one should worry about anything if its not yours dont worry about it the owner would have taken care of it and not have those pictures on this page am i right or wrong

  16. Did it occur to you that this was a FILLY? Fillys are baby female hores. Babys and kids always get their head stuck in something. so dont go around saying horses are stupid. Cause theyre NOT.

  17. I am a horse lover and I think that the image is not funny at all. Sure horses can get curious, and the horse might have got itself stuck, but it is not at all nice to laugh at the image. Some people don’t realize how smart and strong horses can be. The horse is one of the most beautiful creations God has created. The image should be removed.

  18. “Godslapdog” I sincerely hope that your user name is a complete joke.

    • As upset as this is probably going to make you, my username is actually complete truth. I was employed by God towards the end of the nineteenth century as his plaything, but he quickly grew tired of me and my outrageous claims of inventing the question mark. For the last few years I have scoured the internet trying to educate morons on the virtues of sarcasm and irony, but it seems to no avail.

  19. godslapdog you are extremly rude. You are sick. Why do you even think of that stuff? Don’t reply back to me godslapdog

    • Hi Genetically Modified. I am so sorry that I am replying back to you, but you’re the first person who has ever truly understood me. You’re right about me, I am sick.

      I remember back when I was fifteen years old, it was a Friday in summer and I’d just finished school for the day. The sun was shining; there wasn’t a cloud in the sky. Elderly men were mowing their front lawns; children were playing in the street. It was a pretty standard July afternoon in Harlem really. I was quite large for my age, my mum always used to make jokes about how my brain hadn’t grown at the same rate as my body, but I didn’t understand what she meant.

      My journey home took me past the local swimming baths, and I decided that as it was such a nice day, I would go for a dip. I didn’t have my costume on me, but I decided to just swim in my underwear as I would just dry off on the rest of the walk home. It was pretty quiet in the pool, just a few old men sitting on the edge of the pool, who all said ‘Hello’ to me as I walked in. They were all really friendly, and were trying to help me with my swimming, giving me tips on posture and telling me how my smooth body was perfect for getting through the water with least resistance. After a while they told me to do a few laps on my own so they could ‘judge my technique’. They all got into the pool, and I think it must have been really cold for them or they had Parkinson’s, because all of their right arms were shaking pretty violently. When I’d finished swimming, they asked me if I wanted a hand drying myself off because I didn’t have a towel, but I declined their offer. The Janitor at my school had offered some of the boys the same thing and his house burnt down, and I told the old guys that I didn’t their houses to burn down as well because young boys body’s must have flammable material on them or something.

      Luckily, the walk back to my house was a long one, and I dried off pretty quickly in the sun. I was almost home, when one of the old guys from the pool, Jerry, pulled up next to me and asked if I wanted a lift home. I said no of course, because you shouldn’t get in cars with strangers, my parents had taught me that much! But Jerry told me that he ‘was my Daddy now’, and so I reasoned that if he was my Daddy, then he wasn’t a stranger and getting a lift with him wouldn’t be a problem at all.

      The car was big, but smelt pretty bad. It was like the smell of my old dog Rover after he had been dead for 3 months and my parents didn’t realise his body was under the porch. Jerry drove past my house, and said he wanted me to help him and his friends with a few chores first at their ‘Den’. He seemed really nice and had given me some sweets, so I thought why not. We drove out of the city and towards the forest. Jerry told me their den was outside of the city, because it’s quieter out there and they get less trouble, which definitely made sense to me; old people don’t like lots of noise.

      We got there after about an hour, and Jerry showed me inside. All the other guys were there and they seemed really pleased to see me. I was a bit surprised that they were all wearing leather though, as it was such a hot day, they must have all been sweating pretty badly! They told me I should take all of my clothes off because it was so hot, and follow them down to the cellar and wait for them. It seemed like an odd request, but I was feeling a bit tired. I don’t know if it was just the swimming and long journey, or if it was the sweets that Jerry had given me. Eating always used to make me tired.

      I was waiting in the cellar for a while, looking at all the whips and chains on the wall. They must have been cowboys or something and all of their Cattle had died out. I heard them start to argue upstairs, and could only make out bit of what they were saying… ‘I want to use him first’… ‘You always get them first when they get here Jerry, its time you shared the fresh ones round’… ‘You know I only like them when their fresh, after too much use they get loose and I feel nothing’… and so on. I guessed they were talking about me being tired and doing the chores for them.

      I fell asleep after a while and woke up the next morning. I must have slept in a really funny position that night because it was a bit difficult to walk, and I was a pretty sore in places. I was a bit sticky as well, but there was loads of water all over the floor, so I think the cellar had a leak or something. I thought I’d go upstairs and see how the guys were all doing. I got upstairs and everyone was asleep. So I went over to Jerry and woke him up and asked him if he still needed the chores doing. He looked at me really funny and just started laughing, which hurt my feelings a bit. He shouted at me that I must have been the most retarded kid in the world if I really thought they wanted me here for chores. And he just kept laughing and laughing and laughing and wouldn’t stop, not even when I got upset and asked him to really nicely. So I walked off to another room to wait for him to stop.

      By now, everyone else had woken up, and joined in with Jerry’s laughing after he told them what happened. This just started to make me really mad. I hate it when people don’t shut up when I ask them to. The last thing that didn’t shut up when I asked it to was Rover. I found an Axe hanging on the wall of the room I was in, so I took it and went into the room where they were all still laughing. They saw me enter the room, and laughed even harder. They stopped when I caved one of their skulls in with the Axe. Blood and brains went everywhere. That shut the rest of them up. But by this point I had already lost my temper and decided to teach them a lesson. I took out Jerry’s legs first, so he couldn’t get away. I wanted to save him until last. The rest of them I killed one by one, decapitating them with my Axe. There was blood all over the walls, the floor, and as I looked down at my body, all over me.

      Jerry was trying to crawl out of the door at this point, but he wasn’t going to get anywhere. I grabbed a kitchen chair, and tied him to it. He seemed really scared, and was pleading with me not to do anything. Begging me to spare him and not hurt him anymore. I told him that he bought this on himself by hurting my feelings. I found a tool box, and got some pliers out, and pulled his fingers off one by one. The screams coming from his mouth were like a church choir to my ears. I got a wine glass from the kitchen and collected the blood pouring from his fingers so I could drink it in front of him. It tasted bitter, but oh so sweet at the same time. There was a blunt Stanley knife in the tool box, so I used that to cut his tongue off. He started to choke on the blood pouring down his throat, and as he was slipping away into death, I made him look at me as I dug both his eyes out with a spoon.

      It was then that the horror of what had happened dawned on me… as I was surrounded by the body parts and blood soaked floor, I realised that I’d missed the previous night’s episode of Friends. So I left the house as quickly as I could in the hope that my mum had recorded it for me.

      But I digress. Back to my original point… Yes, I am sick. I had a well dodgy curry last night and I’m shitting and puking like a fucking trooper.

      Thanks for listening.

  20. Horses are intelligent animals. This horse could have just wanted to scrach its head and got its head stook.

  21. Oh. Em. Jay. Let’s get into heated arguments about a picture! Whew, let me tell you, the internet is a fine place to be! Next, I’m going to insult the migratory patterns of the South African Albino Flowered Cactus Beaver! Yaaay!

  22. i think that horse was trying to look/smell/chase/scratch something. that animal is not being abused nor is it looks pretty healthy. i have a white arabian yes he can be stupid sometimes when my husky jumps on his back and rides around like bronco doggy.but horses are not stupid animals as far as a can see.

  23. you know what horses are not dumb that horse would have not put her head in there on purpose i bet you that that horse is way smarter than you. you need to take this picture off of your incredibly stupid website. this horse has been abused in some way and it is not funny to post animals being cruelly abused such as this horse. this is not a funny picture. just to clarify read all the comments saying this is not funny at all but sad and cruel. i suggest to make sure no other public people may see this you take it off and i have never seen someone so cruel as to post this on the internet and i happen to be 13.

  24. I totally agree with you brat, not to be rude. Like I said before the image should be removed.

  25. horses aren’t stupid they are very smart this is one off the horses like people also has that is less smart than the rest of its them or he thought that there was a nice apple of something like that sory for the bad ebglish i come from the netherlands

  26. I dont think that horses are dumb, because they can be: taught tricks, watch cattle, be mans best friend and obay orders without a seen command. I am a horse lover and think they horses are not dumb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Ok this is a funny posting session. Im getting a kick out of reading all this.

    The horse is just about as abused as a human who trips. And the post is just about as funny. It needs to be removed about as much as an image of a tripping human. And the horse is about as dumb/smart as the human who tripped.

    If one of my friends caught my falling over my own feet and landing on my face and took pics then posted it, well, that doesnt mean my friend abused me. It doesnt mean Im stupid/smart. It doesn’t mean you are a stupid jerkface if you see the image of me on my face and laugh.

    Get over it people.

  28. Thankyou Eliza. Horses are not dumb at all. They are very smart indeed. Horses can be mischievious, but are not stupid.

  29. Godslapdog your a stupid f**k who should be locked up and have your modem taken awau

    • Hi EFFU!

      I would like to thank you for your generous public service announcement of me being a ‘stupid fuck’. It would indeed be stupid of anyone to consider having sexual intercourse with me, which is mainly due to the fact that I am riddled with AIDS. It is quite unfortunate that so many people are aware of this though, as it has made the majority of women shy away from me when it comes to intiacy. Due to this, I have to resort to rape. I usually do this on weekday nights, as there is less of a police presence around town. Do you have any tips for me on how I could get away with this on weekends?

      In return for your public service announcement, I will now return the favour. You have spelt ‘away’ incorrectly in your post. I’m guessing this is because you were most likely falling asleep on the floor or your parents bedroom while watching your mother sodomise your father with a watermelon. God he’s loose.

  30. I’ll skip the horn-tooting and just say I grew up around horses, own several, and work within the ‘horse industry’.

    I can say beyond a doubt horses are stupid. Every animal is, in comparison to a human of course, though I think cattle take the cake. Don’t let any bleeding vagina try to tell you otherwise.

    For a horse to get stuck in a tree, that is a dumb animal and in the wild without human assistance, would’ve likely died. You will never meet a more accident prone animal than a horse.

    I’d like to point out the majority of what appears to be retarded 12 year girls obsessed with horses, who probably found this trying to google my little pony. To anyone under the age of eighteen reading this, stick to your glitter and horsie coloring books, please.

    By the way, horse meat is amazingly tender and delicious. It tends to have a lesser fat content and is very high in protein. It’s a red meat, lighter in color with horses, and cooks easily. Alooooooha from Hawaii.

  31. Im crying right now

  32. Slightly off topic perhaps, but a plea for people to think about the ethics of purchasing things like designer clothes. Please try and consider, for example, the materials the item is made with, the human rights of the employees where they’re made and the ethics of retailers. And endeavour to recycle rather than throwing away. Thanks!!!!

  33. Godslapdog you are totally disgusting.

  34. That isn’t funny!!!!

  35. Is anyone else against the eating horses; and butchering horses for dog food? Well I am. May, I am heartbroken too, to hear those words from paniolo. That is just sad. How could you eat an animal so precious and beautiful? I just don’t understand.

  36. LifeShouldBeLived

    Anyone who thinks a horse is plain stupid hasnt been around horse much or just dont appreciate asnimals and nature… horses and other animals for that matter are alot of times smarter then us in so many ways. Can you sense when dangers coming, what someone is feeling, if someones sick without any obvious outward signs or even knowledge of what illness is? It seems to me today no one gives credit or respect to the animals and nature that has helped live and learn for centuries. Not only are horses smart, but amzing and loving. So dont open your mouth because too many people now do not respect what is here for them, you just go through your day… work, eat, sleep, and crap fart and pee is all some people do with no resperct, love, nothing…funny thats exactly what Jake said about horses and that sounds more like people now… If you dont know horses and any animals lifestyle and what they can do, if you havent lived around them for years… Then you most likely don’t know what you’re talking about unless you can pick up books and research…but alot of people have lost that gift too.

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