WTF? The Mysterious Horse Head

I love photo-bombing, I really do. The idea of somoene seeing something unexpected in the background of their photo amuses me no end, but I don’t think I could ever top this for unexpected background image:

horse head

You can picture the scene, some emo girl with an artificial leg posing for one of those oh-so-cool myspace pics, while forgetting to take the horse out of its hole?

Seriously: what is going on here??? Some kinda subterranean equestrian building? How would you get the horse in? Or is getting it out the tricky part?


5 responses to “WTF? The Mysterious Horse Head

  1. That really is hilarious. I remember a website somewhere that has a great collection of these. Not sure they can top the horse, though

  2. Damn that’s funny!

  3. ‘shopped!!

  4. what the hell? thats hilarious!! xD

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