Tom Hanks Complains About His Alfa and Filming

I never thought I’d say this, but I think Tom Hanks should shut his gob.  Considering how many times I watched Big as a child I never thought I’d say this but I think the guys losing the plot.

While promoting his latest failure-of-a-film, old Tom was asked what happened to the love scenes in the film and his answer was:

“We were like, ‘Isn’t there a bigger car with a bigger backseat?’ But we were stuck with an Alfa Romeo so we didn’t have an opportunity to grab some smooching on the way to the Pantheon or the Piazza Del Poppolo. ”

Seriously? That’s your complaint about this film? Of all the things to find fault in, it’s the fact that you’re driving through Italy with a gorgeous woman and you’re “stuck” driving a nice (albeit product placement) shiny new model of one of the best Italian cars out there?

Quite frankly, Tom, I’d happily swap with you. Hell you can ditch Rome too, I’d be happy enough to drive a new Alfa Romeo around Kent with Audrey Tautou by my side.

There’s plenty more complaining in the interview too – how hard it is to run in one of the most architecurally stunning cities around, the fact that they had to stop filming at the Panthenon for – shock, horror – a wedding but my personal favourite is:  “when people are paying $10 to get their money’s worth, and you have them come out of the theater and say, ‘Hey, I have something to think about and talk about,’ that’s a good reaction. So watch the crowd at the theater. ”

I know what I was thinking when I saw the Da Vinci Code: ‘why does Tom Hanks keep signing up for such rubbish and can I get those two hours of my life back.’

It’s a hard life, being paid millions to go off filming in some of the most stunning locations in the world but I suppose someone’s got to do it. I just wish he wouldn’t make it sound like such a burden. What happened to ‘it was a blast, I got to tool around in a new Alfa with a beautiful woman, watch Ewan be a vicar and act old some old pony about a conspiracy’ ?


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