Wow, It’s a, a, a … Kia?!

I saw, while heading home down a motorway in Kent, a Kia Soul in the flesh for the first time. Hardly the most glamourous of locations to see any car for the first time outside of a magazine or computer screen but I was impressed. 

I overtook it (no reflection of it’s speed more my urgency to get home and pay bills) and was really impressed by not only it’s shape, how good it actually looked on the road, but by the fact that it was in black and red – my own favourite colour scheme! I could have a car to match the colours of my front room…

So, having go home I decided to search to see if this was a factory-fit type paint job or if someone had pimped their ride and it’s a production colour scheme. Not only that but it’s on the ineterior too! Check it out:

kia soul

Kia SOUL Interior

This may not only be the only Kia I’ve ever seen and gone “I want one of those” but may end up as a serious contender for my next car.

With 43 mpg and a fairly tidy 125hp from a 1.6 litre engine I think I’d clearly have the most unique looking car in the carpark.

Granted I’d spend all day doing A-Team voice-overs to myself but I can’t be alone in thinking this is a great colour scheme, can I?


3 responses to “Wow, It’s a, a, a … Kia?!

  1. amo o kia soul

  2. ola esse carro è bonito e pequeno eu tenho 11 anos e gosto de carros tunados rebaxado e equipado mas esse È bonito

  3. 43 mpg?

    Check again.

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