Great Budha That’s Big!

A friend of mine is going on what she calls her “oriental tour.” She’s taking a two month holiday with a month in China and then a month in Japan. I know, I’m very jealous too. So a group of us were sitting around suggesting things she should do and I was the only one who suggested visiting this place:


It’s the Tōdai-ji (Eastern Great Temple) in Nara, Japan and it’s a Budhist temple complex. Now, the fact that it’s all very pretty and servise as the home of the Kegon school of Buddhism and holds the largest statue of the Buddha Vairocana in the world is all very good but it’s not why I, in my obsession with impressive scale would love to see this place.

It is, in fact, the world’s largest timber building.  It’s HUGE! Yes there are buildings that are bigger than its 2,850 square metres, the fact that it’s entirely wooden means that, to me, this is really a sight-to-see.  It’s hard to gauge scale from pictures but you can just make out the people on the steps which gives you some idea. 

Am I the only one that would mark this as a must-see when visiting Japan?


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