All Those Remains, And Stuff

The problem with a hint of sunshine that promptly vanishes is that it leads to conversations about summer holidays which, invariably, leads to heated debates about destinations. Which can be prompted by about anything. 

Take, for instance, a late night documentary on the Toltec. The what? While the programme itself wasn’t the most fascinating – are they Aztec myths or were they the genuine population of central Mexico – this was what was up for debate:


They’re columns of Toltec warriors in Tula, Mexico. Of course there’s plenty – certainly loads – of other reasons to pack the bags and head there but I’d be sure to spend hours looking at these and making stupid faces next to them – I have a history for it. 

The reason this sparked a debate is that my girlfriend doesn’t want to spend a holiday “looking at all those remains and stuff” and a good mate of mine got so sick in Mexico that he had to take another week off work recovering. 

So the question is, is this a good holiday destinaion?


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