Nissan’s Cure For The Heat Wave?

It’s hot in my office. Air-con is working overtime and a sit outside for lunch actually resulted in a nice tan. According to the Met Office we’re due another sweltering summer.

Hm. Not being a fan of stewing in my own juices though, and having learnt that there’s been a huge increase in the booking of domestic holidays, I found something that would provide the ideal answer, for me, the Nissan 370Z Roadster.


Forget the beaches and shade – I’d rather throw this new Nissan around the Sussex and Kent countryside than sit and boil everyday. With 332-hp available and no roof I’m sure this Roadster produces more than enough ventilation around me to barely notice the temperature. And if, as predicted, we get another summer of regular heat over 30C (86F) it’s probably a lot safer than sitting out in the sun too.


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