Why Is It Always In The Snow?

I think it’s safe to say that Citroen have never attracted as much motoring press attention as they have since they announced the return of the DS.

Perhaps its the purist in motoring journos that want to see something resembling the stlye of the original or perhaps it was the shots of the interior, but there’s a lot of anticipation surrounding the unveiling – in concept form – at the next Geneva show.

Then of course there’s these:

citroen ds3

citroen ds3

A stylish supermini to tackle the Mini, Fiat 500 and KA? Could well be as this is the DS3 – Citroen will be slapping the DS onto other lines so expect a DS4 and DS5 as a luxury version that will lead to a complete rebranding of Citroen with a new logo and remodelled dealerships to follow. 

Should be good. Though my question is – why are spy shots always taken in the snow? How many people are going to buy a supermini and drive it through arctic snow roads? Why don’t Citroen test them a bit more local like Kent or Sussex so I can get a few shots of my own?


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