Shocking Stuff…

Found this in my email this morning, I can’t believe that someone would do this:




Seriously: Jack and Coke without ice?

Did they see the bridge and think: that’s an ideal place for a bit of public loving? Or were they just up there and the romance of the autumnal coloured trees, the dirty metal and alcohol take the better of them?


4 responses to “Shocking Stuff…

  1. Hati-hati mas bisa kena UU APP….:p
    Btw dah legal belum nih UU….????

  2. Awesome. Now, seriously, they should be fined for having Jack and Coke without ice in a public place! 🙂

  3. Laurel LaFLamme

    Whoa! That’s scary. Gives a new meaning to “Falling in Love.”

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