Son of a…

It’s Bank Holiday, it’s been raining most of the day and now there’s a storm. So I’ve spent a bit of time catching up with online fun and found this, surely the best name for an auto dealership:

bitch autos

Who knows, this maybe the place to buy used cars in town but a few things jumped to mind. The name on the door was the giveaway – it’s the town of Bitche in Moselle , France. Not all that far from the German border. I should know I’ve been there. I was so excited to have spotted it but that was soon shot down by the fact that I was already a month or so late in coming across it.

I’ll just have to find my own amusing place names, though not any that require photoshopping just for the sake of a cheap and brief giggle – it’s not that funny really. I’m sure I’ve seen signs for a place called Slutshole and I know there’s a place called Pratts Bottom…


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