Continuing The Revival

What happens when you cross Bath University and BMW? 


BMW Isetta

Car companies are funny things, when all else fails they’ll happily revive an old model from the auto graveyard. Perhaps because of Fiat’s massive success with the 500, Citroen announcing the return of the DS or their own Mini’s failure to capitalise on its former glories, BMW have now announced they will be bringing back the Isetta.

The Isetta is likely to be an electric car with a rear-mounted, possibly from a BMW motorcycle, engine version available.  There’s also talk that we’ll be looking at it as a zero-emission vehicle (though how many emissions did the the production cause)  and may yet be co-branded with Smart.

To me, the pic looks more like a Ford KA driving backwards. So I wasn’t too surprised when I found this, robbed of some of its quirks it looks a bit more like a production BMW. 

new bmw isetta
Shame, I always prefer the concepts.


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