The Next GTA… is Gay

Gay Tony in fact.

Xbox Live players will be able to download the next GTA IV episode this autumn, for around 1600 Microsoft Points, as Rockstar unveil GTA The Ballad of Gay Tony.gta ballad gay tony

It will follow Luis Lopez, assisitant to Liberty City nightclub entrepreneur Tony Prince (Gay Tony). Rockstar have said that you can expect an emphasis on “high-end night life” with plenty of GTA style violence and mahem. They will also be releasing The Ballad Of… along with earlier title The Lost and The Damned in disc-based game GTA: Episodes from Liberty City.

It’s not been announced whether either of these titles will spread over to the PS3. The idea of building an online world and then populating it isn’t that new – letting your Sims live in your own-built SimCity, for example – but this could well see a shift in gaming in the same way as online sales have derailed music shops.

Why do I know so much about this? It was emailed to me. As my name is Tony. You can only imagine the Xbox accessories that have been suggested to me so far this afternoon…


One response to “The Next GTA… is Gay

  1. i heard good things about the ballad of gay tony .. unfortunitly its only on x box 360..
    is there any chance it will come out on playstation3 ……… mail me back

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