Set The Controls For The Future

One of the reasons I’m not so much of a big console gamer anymore is the speed of turnaround on the equipment. It seemed like I’d only had an original PlayStation for a handful of months before the PS2 was bought out and then the PS3 turned up. I remember thinking Fable was the nuts for the Xbox and then Microsoft dropped the Xbox360.

I never upgraded to the next generation of consoles and I’m glad I didn’t and I’m glad – there’s already talk about PS4 designs and what the 720 will look like.

There’s another reason, and yeah I know they’re fake but…

future controllers

Although the second shot could easily be a prototype without the casing on it…  But: as far fetched as they are, for someone who grew up with NES controllers with a simple A and B and thought that the Megadrive’s A,B and C was flash – all the Xbox controllers and accessories seem on a level with this.

I remember graduating from the two-button jobs and suddenly learning phrases like “shoulder buttons” “l3” and “sidestep” when it came to movement.

Still, complicated games call for complicated controls I guess. Then again, if the 720 looks anything like this I’ll be in line:

xbox 720


18 responses to “Set The Controls For The Future

  1. Did you check out project natal?

  2. Ronin is right stop acting old school pick up a 360 and check out natal

  3. its gunna be awhile till new consoles come out. and ronin and xfarx are right. look up project natal on youtube and your gunna want it.

  4. Okama gamesphere?

  5. I think the future is something like the cited Project Natal and brain-controled devices (yep, this exists already). There’s no need for controller anymore 😉

  6. I really couldn’t disagree with you more that it was a good idea not to buy a 360 or PS3. I had to even double check the date and can’t believe this is a new article. Having only 3 gaming consoles over more than a decade (PS1, PS2, PS3) is quite slow in technology terms. Look at the common home computer, after 2 years it’s time for an upgrade. You can even upgrade your process twice a year if you like.

    I actually wish gaming consoles would grow faster than they do. Now that most consoles have backward compatibility, games are no longer a reason to avoid upgrades. If you look at how feature-rich consoles nowadays are there really isn’t much reason NOT to buy one. I personally own a 360 and use it about 5% of the time for gaming. It currently acts as my DVD player, and plays movies and TV shows using Netflix, as well as connects to my Media Center in the other room. It’s great for Music too but i’m more of a movie guy anyway.

    But seriously quit acting old school and pick up a 360. If PS3 supported Netflix natively I might suggest you pick it up, but Microsoft does such an amazing job at stealing ideas and ousting the competition I can’t help but love them 🙂

  7. This is not really how it is going to look

  8. I have done a lot of reading about the Playstation 4 aka PS4 and it is real! Generally I get my news from the NEWS section of !!!! I can’t wait!!

  9. they all look cool, but the xbox 720 is just stupid. its a X-Box not a X-Sphere

  10. jack, you are retarded. if the new xbox looks like that, it would be pretty fuckin sweet. and who says it has to be called an x box? they could change the name completely. and those other things that you thought were cool, were absolutely rediculous. you sir, are an idiot.

  11. wen is this console out the xbox 720

  12. That shit looks like the Okama GameSphere from South Park. >->

  13. that might actually be the real xbox 720
    so that means that all that dissagreed is retarted

  14. That ball xbox is meant to look like the monitor from the Halo series

  15. i think the desginer should have left the natural shape to what it allready looked like the 360 but they should make the systems more faster and better so that way the can fit bigger hardrives and better stuff so its easy and doesnt waits time .

  16. Ya’ all that shit ain’cool! That’s a goddam freaky X ball for some retarded fucks. Somebody call Bruce Willis cuz there’s a bomb!shit…

  17. this is awesome

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