Where Do Mini Horses Live?

I have something of an obsession with miniature things be they models, replicas or – in this case – horses. The idea of a miniature horse fascinates me completely for some unknown reason. 

So I am fascinated to the point of obsession with the idea of minature horses like Luxy, the smallest horse in Britain who is just 19.5 inches tall. Seriously, 19.5 inches?!?! That’s insane! The smalles in the world is 17-inch tall Thumbellina ( alot of thought went into that name) but she suffers from dwarfism and is disproportionate. Unlike Lucy:

mini horses

There’s so many things that boggle my mind over this. Where do miniature horses live? Do their owners keep them indoors or in giant kennels? Surely regular equestrian stables would make them feel inadequate of just be a complete waste of space? Do they have custom-made stables?

Clearly, miniature horses don’t need horse-boxes to get around though:

mini horse box

And that’s a ‘full’ size mini horse! Blimey, you could get em small enough to carry around in a bag. Will that be the latest trend for non-celebs like Paris Hilton?


6 responses to “Where Do Mini Horses Live?

  1. Hahaha, that’s awesome! The perfect horse for kids below 2 years, haha! 😉

  2. hello i think that you and me have a lot in common bcuz i like little mini horses to. hopefully im gonna get one soon….if my mom will buy it. i really want one. ive been reading and researching them and i found out they can live in a small yard or even in houses. i want one that will live outside and will be able to come in my house to visit and sleep sometimes.

  3. if i get one i will name it something like bahhh or sweet or maybe something random like random111111111!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! hahhahhahhahhahahhahha

  4. deborah michael

    OMG! i have an obsession for little things too! my boyfriend hates my fascination with little things, especially the mini-horse. i’m glad you love the idea of them like i do.

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