Settle It With Your House

This is possibly my favourite news story of the week.

Over in Utah in the good-ol’ US-of-A, a city councilman Mark Easton had his view of the east mountains interupted when a neighbour purchased some land below his and built a new home. Now, the new home was 18 inches higher than the ordinances allowed (how this was established I can only imagine) so Easton went to the city and ensured that they enforce the lower roof line ordinance. 

So, at great expense the new home-owner had his roof dropped. Now, I’m guessing he was annoyed because he installed some vents on the side of his house and when Easton complained about the vents aswell, this is what the city found…




Not only practical but a great way to get your own back at an interferring neighbour. Every single day. 

This is the advantage of timber buildings I guess – here without so many timber buildings, dropping the roof-line and having vents installed would’ve taken forever. Lob a house up, annoy your neighbour, bring the roof down and lob some vents in in next to no time. Brilliant.


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