Pretty Fly…. For A Redneck Spoiler

You know there’s an array of phot0-blogs out there that always have the perfect cure for a glum day at the office. One that I pay particular attention to has a great thread today on those haggard, home-made spoilers that just ruin a car to the point of hilarity, so I thought I’d share the two that made me laugh the most:

bad spoiler

bad spoiler

The first one looks like a fairly decent motor that’s either been attacked for a joke or, more likely, as some sorta budget approach that’ll get painted over and just reminds me of that Offspring song – Pretty Fly. 

As for the battered Lada. Pure comedic brilliance. Pallet blocks for spoilers and Street Racer (I think) scrawled across the back? There’s some serious intent there. 

Amazing. Perhaps this is why used car sales are going up, it’s so easy to customise them into hardcore street racers.  Well, you wouldn’t wanna do that to a new car would you?


3 responses to “Pretty Fly…. For A Redneck Spoiler

  1. very funny pictures — thanks for the post

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