Because Sometimes You Need Television

On that short but sufficient list of sites I visit regularly for a chuckle is a site full of amusing conversations between store workers and their customers. 

This one really tickled me today so I thought I’d share it here:


Me: “[Video game store], how can I help you?”

Caller: “I’d like to return my 320.”

Me: “You mean your Xbox 360?”

Caller: “Yeah, whatever, it has numbers in it.”

Me: “Okay, has it been opened?”

Caller: “Yes.”

Me: “Then I can’t return the 360 for you. I can only give you a defective exchange.”

(At this point, caller gets very agitated and begins yelling and cursing on the phone.)

Me: “Ma’am, can you stop yelling?”

Caller: “I demand to speak to your manager! This is outrageous, you have no idea what you are doing in the retail business. Customers are ALWAYS right.”

Me: “To a certain extent, yes. I can give you a defective exchange, but that’s it.”

Caller: “Well, how the h*** am I supposed to know if my 360 works or not with the exchange?!”

Me: “You’ll know if it blinks green lights or red lights when you plug it into the TV.”

Caller: “I don’t have a f***ing TV!”


I’d love to be able to say that this sort of thing is restriced to America but a friend of mine used to work in a record store and they had a book filled with dumb conversations with customers, full of statments like “you really have to admire Arnie as an actor.” 

I guess it won’t be long before they either have to start advertising televisions as the best Xbox accessories or adding a disclaimer to the boxes: will not work without a television. 

For more amusing customer conversations – head over here.



2 responses to “Because Sometimes You Need Television

  1. nocturnalrudy

    I work retail and have seen/heard shit like this on numerous occasions…

  2. If customers would entertain me like that I wouldn’t mind working retail.

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