The Apathy Crosses Species

It’s spreading. It’s gone beyond skinny-jeaned kids with endless supplies of black hair dye and no sense of humour that listen to Misery FM and now emo horses are appearing all over the web. 


emo horse

emo horse

This is more than just scruffy manes. Emo horses are spreading their gloomy outlook like rabbits mate, they already have the long faces. 

It’s clearly a harder life being a horse than I imagined, being surrounded by equestrian women, stables cleaned out for you, getting ridden regularly…


One response to “The Apathy Crosses Species

  1. Tell ’em horsey, It’s time all us non-human life forms get a opportunity to speak and show our stuff. Up with animals! I love the Veronica Lake hairdo in the 3rd pic.

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