Making Cars for Sheep?

I got  a little puzzled by this billboard at first while driving home through Kent this weekend. Kia are putting a lot of weight behind their new Soul including a range of ads in magazines, and on billboards, like this one:

kia soul ad

At first I didn’t see the Soul. Which shows how alert I am. The second time I saw it – it’s on a regular route for me, I did. It wasn’t until I found it online that I noticed the sheep driving that it made me laugh. I still can’t explain why, perhaps it’s the look on their faces that I percieve.

They’ve done few very similar ones, with pawns, fish and robots – all with the same “new way to roll” slogan – but I think it works especially well with the sheep. The metaphor toward standing out from other drivers works better, for one thing, and the sheep just look better in the Soul. It is a very unique looking car and one that does stand out from the sheep-like monotony of the motorways.

I’ve only seen a couple in the metal but there’s a Kia Soul Train I’ve heard about, bringing a load of them around the country done up like famous film cars too. They are really pushing this one, with the collapse of the big names,  the time could be right for Kia if they keep it up.


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