Remember When Rocky Was A Horse?

Of course not, because it never happened. Even those mock-up trailers and far-fetched story lines for Rocky 6 (that became the spectacular Rocky Balboa) couldn’t have predicted that.

The good folks at Budweiser did though for their Superbowl ad that, as a non-US, I had to find online instead of at half time (just like the Bruce gig too):

As both a fan of the Rocky series (I’ll even watch number 5 occasionally) and Budweiser’s adverts, this makes me laugh each time.

To me it reeks of Rocky 4, the back-to-basics approach of training in a stable in Russia. Equestrian workout: the best way to train for boxing? Some of those saddles can be pretty heavy I guess.


2 responses to “Remember When Rocky Was A Horse?

  1. no horses were harmed in the making … I hope

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