Bet It Wasn’t The Kuga You Remembered

Despite the threat of iffy weather this weekend, me and my mates headed down for a bit of crazy golf on by the sea in Sussex. A Ford Kuga – which I spent some time looking at – damn near blocked me in but I couldn’t help wondering where I’d seen it before.

A little searching online and I found the answer, it was here:

The odd thing is that it’s not the car that caught my attention in this. I’ll be honest and admit it was the girl waking up at the start and then the music. Then it was the idea of everything being white and blank. In fact, I’m willing to bet that the last thing that anyone remembers from this ad is the Kuga itself.

I reckon it’ll be case of  “oh that ad with all the paper other everything” or people recreating the music. Some may even be relatively sure it’s for a car. I thought it was for a mobile phone network until I saw it again.

Thing is, it’s a shame because the more I  see of the Kuga, the more I like it. Ford have managed to make an mpv that doesn’t look like every other one out there and does, genuinely, stand out.

It’s a shame then, that they’ve made such a stand-out car seemingly vanish in its own advert. I’d be curious to hear of opionion on this too, is the car what you remember when you think back to the advert?


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