Making Car Ads For Hamsters…

Following on from the “new way to roll” advert I saw on a billboard, Kia have taken the idea of “every other car is just a sheep”  and transferred it to hamster wheels. Given that it’s clearly shot in the US I doubt we’ll get it over here – the ad I’ve seen on TV is nothing like as fun – so…..

The more I see of the Soul the more I like it. I never thought I would given the old Kias but lately they’re producing some quality cars and now seem to have the creative agencies to create some lively and fun advertisements too .

With all their funky ads and accessories – check out those speakers – and the general styling (the white one looks very iPod generation targeted) it’s clear Kia are aiming to grab a slice of the younger-driver market with their Soul.

While I don’t think that it’ll send many hamsters down to their nearest Kia dealer, I think the South Korean car maker will see an even better 2009 to add to their current climb. Good luck to ’em.


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