When You Cross A Ferrari With A Citroen…

We’ve all done it, I’m sure. Looked at a Ferrari 355 glinting in the sun, its prancing horse sitting proudly while the engine ticks while cooling down and thought “it’s nice, but… what if it looked more like a Citroen?”

Haven’t we? Well, maybe not but someone with some mechanical nous, and curious thought processes did just that and created:

ferrari citroen

Now I know that the sunny location may be misleading, but this is one Citroen your local Sussex dealer won’t have on its forecourt. Or any dealer in fact. It was created by Italian racing team Como. The spent 5 years building this… mash up. 5 years.

The team are usually at home racing Citroens but decided to mix the body of a Citroen 2CV with no engine with the wreck of a 355 which had a beautifully pristine engine. So, logically enough, they mixed the two to create 180mph Ferrari Van. With Citroen styling.

Yeah, it doesn’t exactly sound like a match made in heaven but I actually really like it. It looks like something Postman Pat would drive if he’d won the lottery and smoked a little something.


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