Can Someone Please Tell Me…

What the hell these are?


Aside from the obvious – a nice couple of timber buildings – I cannot for the life of me work out what these things are. They appeared on a site on my rss feed while hunting around for my latest obsession with the world of buildings made from timber – there’s some awards coming up and I’m really enjoying seeing the range of things that can be built with wood.

Someone has suggested an ultra secure shed – because when padlocks aren’t enough a massive ramp and tiny door are.

I get the idea it might be some kind of mini-temple or replica. Look at those figurines: are they models of people walking the stairs or merely some garden-gnome type statue?

What is going on here?

On the subject of timber buildings, I’m a bit annoyed to see that the London olympics’ Pringle ring may be up for award. It’s almost enough to make a mockery of those people that spend so long crafting the award’s previous winners. The idea is for something that stands out and will continue to do so in years to come, I get the impression that anything building-wise related to the olympics won’t be around long after. ‘


One response to “Can Someone Please Tell Me…

  1. stairway to heaven, perhaps?

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