The horsey things we ask…

Yahoo Answers. It’s a great source of information apparantly – though I’ve never gotten a useful answer from it myself – and amusement. Having seen many bizarre and plain ridiculous questions I decided to follow my latest trail of humour: horses.

Along with the usual “how much does it cost to house a horse for a year?” questions I found quite a few that made me wonder. For example, would you want to look in this persons stable / equestrian and house pet hospice:

horse question

Of course, it’s always the answers that make the questions really worth reading. Either pointing out how stupid someone is being, taking it one step further or merely playing along. Like this one below – surely that’s not a serious question is it? Do people really have those ideas? That with too many cars on the road we need to go back to horse and carts. Only, that is, if it’s cost effective? I think the fact that the idea came after “watching Sherlock Holmes” gives away the kind of people at large here.

horse questionsHere’s my pick of the rest:

horse questions

A butter knife??!! ha ha ha ha

horse questions

horse questionsand, my favourite:

horse questions


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