The Soul / Rock Crossover?

They’ve got a real winner on their hands already but I found a couple of things this morning that suggest Kia are going for every possible market going with their new Soul including, it seems, the rock music and denim loving driver…. are they aiming it Jeremy Clarkson now? Either way, great vid:

I’m off on the ferry to France in a while (bit of duty free) and while I don’t think the docks they used are in Kent, Kia have certainly put some ideas in my head as to how to kill the boredom while sitting in the boarding queue. Don’t think I can swing my car quite so efficiently.  Though I guess they saw that coming given the kill-joy warning at the end.

There’s also the news that Kia are kicking out a special edition of their Soul – pretty soon considering it’s only been out a couple of months – the Denim. At the moment there’s very little details as to what makes it so special aside from the paint job (denim blue, surprisingly) and the white painted alloys.

kia soul denim

It doesn’t look all that bad, though I’m never sure about stripes like that on cars, but I pray they don’t go and put denim fabric on the seat covers or the Kia Soul will become the Kia Clarkson and nobody will buy it.


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