XBox + Milkfloat = Toyota Inspiration?

I have something of an obsession with concept cars. Some of them look  generic enough and actually end up in production with a little of the flair removed. Others are either insanely powerful and styled well above-and-beyond the manufacturer’s normal range they never get further than model form and the rest are completley bonkers.

Like, for example, the Toyota RiN. I would love to know / sample what the design team behind this one were smoking, they came out fully loaded with ideas on this one: oxygen-level conditioners and humidifiers and a meter that would gauge your mood through the steering wheel?!

toyota rin

Increased comfort, serene and healthy living. Those wiere the focuses for this one. And thanks to that posture-perefecting seating, driving this Toyota meant that North East, South and West views were all panoramic and softly shrouded in a calming green.

Really?! Come on Toyota. I know where the real focus was on this one: the XBox 360 and milk floats. That’s what comes to my mind.

They actually unveilled this back at Geneva in 2007. How it never made it into production is beyond me but it makes me wonder two things of Toyota: do they really have teams of designers working on this (surely) pointless sort of thing and is that where all their money went and how they ended up posting a loss?  Although, they may have shrunk it for the iQ.

I have the pretty sound idea that this car was designed with inclusion on a futuristic movie set or Xbox game in mind.  Either way, I bloody love it. It’s so absurd it’s delicious.

toyota rin

Once again, I love it. If anyone has any information what happened to this concept, please let me know.


2 responses to “XBox + Milkfloat = Toyota Inspiration?

  1. That thing looks extremely dangerous as well as ugly. What are the crash worthiness stats?

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