Stranger Than Your Average Van

It’s funny the things you find while browsing around the big bad google. It’s how I ended up with many a current search-obsession (take the emo horses and anything on the “horses” tag). Today, for example, I was searching, rather incongruously for some vans in Sussex or Kent, to hire as I’m shifting furniture. I managed to go from the shoes to the vehicles, from the van that vans used for the Warped tour to something that’s kept me scrolling through images for ages.

This is a phrase and notion that’s new to me but doesn’t surprise: Japanese Custom Vans. I’m sure many already know about these but I’m fascinated. I’d love to meet the people that look at your average Transit and decide to things like this to it. So, I found these and will share a few of my favourites:




vansI’d be tempted to say “that’s insane” but after many an episode of Pimp My Ride I understand the idea behind it. Then again I’d love to know who looks at van, rather than a car, and decides it needs a huge set of wings (or a Batman poster) that must be the size of serveral small cars themselves.

Despite my original searches I know I’m unlikely to see this vans in Sussex or Kent but I’d love to know if this.. hobby (?) or trend is limited to Japan or whether it’s spread across the globe yet and it’s merely a case of finding where and when the next meet is??


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