Why The Not-So-Long Face?

Horse walks into a bar…. We all know horses have long, sad looking faces but I recently found a selection of horses that seemed happy. Smiling, in fact. So much so that I couldn’t stop chuckling at the comic appearance of it. So, of course, I thought I’d share it in the hope that laughter would ensue for all…

happy horse

happy horse

So I had to wonder why horses smiled. Surely it can’t simply be the comfort afforded by equestrian stables. Sure they look like they’ve got everything they need. Plenty of straw to sleep on and a good brush/rub down on a daily basis… but does a smile from a horse equate to the same meaning as a smile from a person?

Well, in short: no. I’m sad to say that horses don’t smile because they’re happy. It’s a reflex / reaction to their smelling something bad. Given that what horses do naturally smells pretty bad to us I have to wonder just what would smell bad from a horse’s point of view. However, the good news is that they can be trained to smile on cue so you can get them to lift their upper lips and reveal their nashers in a charming way without exposing them to anything stinky beforehand.


2 responses to “Why The Not-So-Long Face?

  1. When determined the reasonableness of animals, apparently chosen most dull. They are indeed very clever and sly.

  2. kayla with horses

    he all 3 of my horses do that lolz

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