Stuck With The Muppets Theme

Perhaps there’s a reason Ford didn’t use this music to advertise the S-Max, and that reason is that it’s annoying to have “munumana” stuck in your head. However, I think they missed a good opportunity in advertising that a French auto blog picked up on with this:

For those that don’t speak French – ‘objectif remplissage’ basically means “filling.” While the quality of film isn’t too great I think this works more as a good little ad for the Ford S-Max than a review. It’s clearly got bags of room – enough for surfboard, bike etc – and some good manouverability too. They also do a bang up job of showing off the interior and entertainment console. Though it is a very French looking clip and I think le muppets should’ve stopped it at about 2:14 though that wouldn’t have shown off the interior.

To be honest, I’ve seen a few quite a bit of the new Ford S-Max, Sussex being plentiful of beach and the car being marketed as the sporty / rugged SUV but wouldn’t really have thought them big enough for a surf board.

The real question now is: how long before you find yourself humming the Muppets theme?


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