Now That’s Gotta Hurt

Clydesdale horses, not exactly the smallest horses in the world. In fact, they can weigh over 950kg and stand at around 6ft in height. Chihauhuas, in contrast, are pretty small. Tiny really. So imagine my surprise when I came across a new story this week that combined the two in a way that can really only be described as miraculous.

Melbourne, Australia: Berry the chihauhua met with the wrong end of Leroy the clydesdale horse. Weighing a whopping 900kg – that’s about 141 stone – Leroy managed to step backwards and on to Berry’s head, leaving just a little bit of doggy nose protruding.

dog horse

Obviously, if this situation presented itself, you would probably imagine a scenario involving a small dead dog with a very squashed head. However, there emerged a “high-pitched screaming noise” as Berry had survived. Rushed to the vets, Berry was in such bad shape that it was suggested she be put down. Of course, her owner didn’t want this and took her home, if only to die in comfort.

Now, the shocking element isn’t that a dog had it’s head crushed by a 141 stone horse and was recommended to be put down. No, the shocking element is that, come morning, Berry was fine. The dog’s owner, Abbey Newton, said “She just got up and ate my other dog’s breakfast.”

Of course, this is great news for Berry and her owner but what of Leroy the clydesdale? Was he grounded? Refined to his equestrian buildings to think about what he’d done? Are the other horses likely to think less of him after he failed to do away with the smallest of dogs? I’m sure none of these are the case and just the product of an other active imagination.

However, this cannot be the only miraculous animal-escape. There must be more? Anyone know of mice surviving elephant feet? Cats chewing the ears off an attacking rhino?


3 responses to “Now That’s Gotta Hurt

  1. guardadocumentos

    very interesting

  2. I kind of want to know what the dog looked like after…. but also don’t want to at the same time..

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