Three Ways To Baffle Passers-By

I’m in the process of looking for a new house. So this means going through all the property letting sites and clicking all the boxes with the things I’m looking for, one of which is a garage.

Thing is, I really don’t like the look of garages. You know, the solid, metal-like door never really looks too good. I’m more a fan of timber garages, for the look of them and the fact that they feel a little more quality. However, it’s not something you’re that likely to find in a house that’s not out in the country so I started for looking for ways to improve the look of a garage and found these, garage door stickers.

garage stickers

Not only is this going to remove the bland look of a garage door but it’s sure to provoke confusion amongst people driving past! Imagine tootling down a street and catching sight of a fighter jet propped up in a garage, or….

garage stickers

garage stickers

I know I’d be pulling a double take or slowing down for a better look. There’s plenty more to be found here too.


2 responses to “Three Ways To Baffle Passers-By

  1. trust me — the carport is the way to go

  2. founditsharedit

    If you can find me a cover for it that looks like I’ve managed to park a tank in there then sign me up

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